A Three-Day Immersion with Tanya Wills and Stephanie Dawn

With Guest and MoneyDoula, AJ Frenzel on Monday, November 28 for THE MONEY WORKSHOP.

November 28-30, 2016


Manhattan Birth, UWS Location

  • Do you feel lost in the birth community in NYC?
  • Are you juggling life balance and your birth work?
  • Do you have a web of support as you grow your business?
  • Do you feel like you don’t know how to get started?
  • Are you uncertain about how to get clients as a new midwife, doula, placenta encapsulator or childbirth educator?
  • Would you like to get rid of your day job and make birth work your full time profession?
  • Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels with your birth work?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we want you with us in the Fall 2016!

During this powerful and potent 2 Day Immersion you will:

Create a Vision for Your Birth Business

  • Gain clarity around how you:
    • Know exactly what services you charge for and what you give away
    • Can monetize services that you don't even realize have $ value
    • Can design a life as birthpreneur that really WORKS for you!

Learn How to Make GREAT Money as a Birthpreneur

  • Get answers to questions like:
    • How much should I charge?
    • How can I have powerful money conversations?
    • How do I attract and enroll clients into my business?

Build Your Circle of Support

  • Learn about the powerful ways you can:
    • Create a birth business sisterhood
    • Lean into your colleagues for ongoing support

Practice Excellent Self-Care and Life/Work Balance

  • During these two days you will:
    • Create a personal and professional self-care regimen that feeds your soul, your family and your business

Find and Market to Your Ideal Clients

  • Two of the most important things you will learn with us are:
    • The importance of understanding who your Ideal Client is
    • Why referral partners matter and how to find and cultivate them

Learn How to Become a Polished Professional

  • This is crucial to separate you from hobbyist to professional:
  • The 10 tips that make every Birthpreneur a Polished Professional

Learn how to Become a Birth Expert in NYC

  • What, you only just started! How can you call yourself an expert?
  • Join us in the Fall of 2016 in SOHO to find out how!

You will leave at the close of the two days with a clear business roadmap so that you can create your thriving birth business in NYC!

Join us in the Fall to make 2017 your best year as a birth professional yet!

“Thank you for providing the opportunity to help realize that having my own doula business is actually within my grasp and not just a dream. You have inspired me and given me the tools to go forth and thrive!”
Angela Mirabell-Friedman

“Stephanie and Tanya are a completely infectious and crush-worthy duo. It is so clear that they are doing what they are meant to be doing, with their lives! I left feeling excited and empowered. I would recommend attending to anyone!”
Komi Pfeiffer


Tanya Wills is the Owner and Founder of Manhattan Birth, which provides heartfelt, down-to-earth, no-purple-crystals childbirth services including childbirth education, lactation, and doula services in NYC. She is a graduate of the midwifery program at Yale University, where she received her Master of Science in Nursing and also earned her R.N. (Registered Nurse). She is a Nationally Certified Nurse Midwife, licensed in NY and NJ. She is also a Women's Healthcare Nurse Practitioner, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, CPR Instructor with the American Heart Association and a Certified Sacred Birth Counselor. Tanya teaches childbirth classes and mentors new doulas at Manhattan Birth, and is a home birth midwife in practice with Marcy Tardio Homebirth.

Stephanie Dawn is a thought leader for a new paradigm of living, birthing and business. A mother of two boys, born at home and in the hospital with midwives and doulas, she is the creator of Sacred Birth Work, a teaching she developed when pregnant with her first son Jasper, that explores pregnancy and birth as a spiritual path, a holy rite of passage warranting honor and reverence. Stephanie Dawn has inspired hundreds of women around the world via her tele-classes and in-person workshops, in the creation of a new paradigm of birth and women’s health, with a focus on spiritual principles, personal responsibility, excellent self-care and financial and business know-how and wellness. She is the founder of the Sacred Birth Mentor Program, which offers birth professionals an opportunity to certify and teach Sacred Birth Work, a teaching she developed over the past decade working with expectant parents and birth professionals. In addition to her birth work, Stephanie supports women visionaries, authors, healers, practitioners and coaches to create thriving businesses, doubling and tripling their income. Stephanie lives with her family in Los Angeles. www.stephaniedawn.com