What People are Saying

"Taking Tanya's Childbirth Preparation class was the best decision we made.  My husband was very reluctant about natural childbirth in the beginning and we had very different points of view. He was also afraid it was gonna be some "hippy dippy" lady who was gonna judge any other opinions. We were beyond thrilled to find out, not only was she very practical and down to earth, but the least judgmental person on the planet. And funny as hell which helped us both relax a lot.

She really prepared us for all possibilities and we were able to go forward with way more knowledge than we would have ever had. What we took away most from class was that it got us on the same page. Although we are big talkers, it got us to actually communicate about things we hadn't communicated about. And that was the best feeling - knowing that we fully understood each other's needs and made decisions TOGETHER based on what we learned. I felt incredibly supported by my husband. And that was everything to me.
I would recommend this class to everyone, no matter what kind of birth you want, because knowledge is power and she gives you all the tools to choose with your eyes wide open and with zero judgement."

-Gina and Ken, mom and dad to Olivia

"Tanya's class isn't a typical childbirth class that you suffer through a few times to learn some breathing exercises and find out which hospital entrance to use when in labor.  It is a community of diverse, yet like-minded, couples and Tanya is a charismatic, witty and passionate teacher who infuses humor, inspiration and storytelling into her lessons.  She becomes personally invested in her students and their birth and postpartum goals and uses her extensive knowledge and her connections within the birth community to help couples find the best care providers to meet these goals.

Witnessing someone who is doing her true calling in life is a rare privilege, and we are grateful to have met Tanya, as well as the other students in her class (who we now call friends).  Her class is above and beyond what you'd expect from a childbirth class.  We are so glad to have taken it and were genuinely sad when it was over.  Thanks, Tanya.  Without this class and the supportive community you've created, our birth and our experience as new parents would not have been the same.

-Susannah and Eric

"We both agree that when it comes to our pregnancy and birth story Tanya's class was the best decision we ever made.  Throughout the class we discussed a number of things about birth and postpartum that are typically scary for new parent. We both remember Tanya saying, "This likely isn't going to happen but if it does call me and I'll help you or find someone who will". At the time we thought it was just a sweetly reassuring thing to say. Little did we know we'd put Tanya to the test. Our first night home from the hospital we were a tired haggard mess of a family and to add insult to injury we couldn't figure out nursing. It was 9:30pm on a Thursday. I texted Tanya told her what was happening and asked if she knew anybody who could help. It wasn't just lip service - Tanya showed up at our house and hour later. She helped us with the nursing, gave us the recommendation of further supports, and brought us overall peace of mind that we were doing it right and that we be okay.

The aspect of the class that my family found most valuable was the community that it opened up for us. My husband and I are not from New York City, and while we've resided here for years we have a few friends with children and no family in the area. It is through Tanya and her class that we found a doula, lactation support, a pediatrician, new mommy classes, and most importantly lifelong friends. I honestly cannot say what we have would have done without Tanya and her class. Yes, our baby would have been born and we would have became parents, but I feel lost thinking about what we would have done without the resources she gave us access to.

Thank you and much love from all of us!

-Ferris and Sameer, mom and dad to Eliza

"I found the class tremendously helpful because it gave me a road map for understanding what my partner was going through in the labor. Because I knew what was happening and what to expect, I had confidence that the labor would go well, and was able to be there for my partner completely when she needed me most rather than having to also deal with my own anxiety. I could hold the bigger picture for both of us when she was focused on what was going on in the moment, and remind her that our baby waited for us on the other side of the labor.

We are a same-sex couple.  I felt completely welcome in Tanya and Amy's class, and really appreciated her inclusive approach in talking about "partners" and "coaches" rather than "husbands." I also appreciated her acknowledgment that some of the reading material was a bit dated in terminology, even if the essential information was useful. There was another same-sex couple in our class, and it was a complete non-issue: we were all there to prepare for the labor and arrival of our babies, and Tanya made sure that happened."

-Alyssa, mom to Isaac

"My partner and I both agree that we are changed people after taking Tanya and Amy's class. It is so much more than learning about what to do in labor! EVERYTHING is covered from taking care of yourself during pregnancy, to choosing a care provider (Tanya took the time to help us personally find the PERFECT midwife when we moved to NJ at 33 weeks pregnant!) to the ins-and-outs of the American healthcare system's maternity care, to breastfeeding, parenting, and of course every possible thing you need to know about how to handle the big day... ALL of your questions will get answered.  It was SO much information and it never even felt like a class, more like a support group lead by a hilarious and incredibly passionate childbirth wizard! This class is the BEST thing that has happened to us since we got pregnant. I'm seriously sending every pregnant lady I see straight to this class."

- Angela and Manny

"Taking the childbirth preparation class is one of the best decisions we made since becoming pregnant and having our first child. The class itself is incredibly informative and if you are the sort of person that wants to go into your birth experience mindful not only of what your body and your baby will experience but also of the greater context in which our birthing system operates today, this is the class for you. Also, if you seek an opportunity to engage your partner in the preparation for your birth experience and you want him/her to truly be the main player in your birth team, then this class is perfect. My husband had no idea what natural birth was about, nor had he read a single page in a pregnancy book, and after taking Tanya's class together he became deeply committed to natural birth and became in his own way a spokesperson for change in our country's current birthing model amongst our friends.

Another aspect of joining Tanya's class that you probably won't hear about but perhaps has become one of the most important gifts of the whole experience for us is the community. Tanya has created a circle of families that go on after class to support one another through parenting in the months and years after birth. At the end of Tanya's birthing class I realized that while we felt as prepared as possible for birth, we felt completely unprepared to raise a baby into a person. The ongoing support, friendships, and community (virtual and live) have been absolutely essential as we have grown into parents. To have such smart, thoughtful people to reach out to and ask questions, get insight, exchange information, and share experiences with goes far beyond the benefits of the Bradley class. We had no idea how real and important this component would be for us. Thank you Tanya for giving us this gift that has become a cornerstone of our support system in birthing and raising our beautiful child!

You are truly, TRULY making a difference in people's lives and we are so happy we found you.

- Pablo and Celine

"The unexpected gift of taking Tanya's (guru of all things birth, as I refer to her to my friends and family), is being apart of her circle. Tanya connected us to our doula who saved me and my husband over and over again throughout labor. Her professional and personal connections are invaluable (I know I used that adj but there are no other words.) Being apart of her "mommy" network has provided me with incomparable support, knowledge and resources. Simply I am grateful that I took her class and I'm grateful to know her she is a gift to the birth community.

-Dawn, mom to Orson

"We were desperate to learn anything and everything about childbirth, and longed for an experience that was true to our priorities and values.  Tanya's class gave us every possible tool to own our birth experience, and her recommendations for doulas, pediatricians and OBGYNs were invaluable and spot-on.  Because of Tanya's class we entered childbirth feeling confident and empowered, knowing what questions to ask, and there is no doubt that without her class our experience would have been vastly different.  We really can't say enough about what this class did for us and how good we felt about the entire birth experience as a result."

-Erin and Miguel

"I do not exaggerate in the slightest when I state that taking Tanya's class was life-changing. I was always curious about the idea of a natural birth but never thought I could do it...until Tanya came along.

Tanya counseled me late into the night at 33-weeks pregnant because I was unhappy with my practitioner. It was with her sole confidence and guidance that I felt courageous enough to switch to midwives affiliated with a birthing center. Because her class prepared me so well, I felt a sense of calm and safety during labor which resulted in a beautiful, natural birth. I had the good fortune of being fully present when I met my son for the first time and an understanding of what my body is truly capable of and meant to do. 

However, the birth was only one part of the Tanya story.

When my son was born tongue tied and breast feeding became a challenge, Tanya stood by as my cheerleader, supporter, and mentor. She went above and beyond to aid me in achieving my goal of fostering a successful breastfeeding relationship with my son (against all odds). 

What's so remarkable about Tanya is that she really listens and responds to your prenatal and postnatal goals - not hers. I know she would've been equally supportive had my story ended differently with an epidural and a bottle of formula. i still find myself asking what would Tanya do? and feel so fortunate that she will always always answer with incredible, non-judgmental, wise, brilliantly helpful advice.

I wouldn't be the mother, wife, or person I am today had I not taken her class.  My husband, son and I are forever grateful."

-Jade, mom to Van