"There are not enough words to describe my gratitude for Tanya's invaluable wisdom and guidance. From her confidence building "Lactation for Doulas" to her thorough and candid "Childbirth Preparation" classes, Tanya's disarming, practical and evidence-based teachings have truly changed how I practice as a doula.  It's very clear that helping people is not only her passion but her calling and it has only served to inspire me to further my own deeper relationships with clients. Her training has most certainly resulted in healthier, more positive birth experiences for both my clients and myself. 

If you're looking for more than textbook information - I cannot recommend any of Tanya's classes enough.  My class binder is always close by in my doula bag!"

- Sarah Lovell (Believe Birth Services)

"I cannot say enough good things about auditing Tanya and Amy's Childbirth Education class as a doula. Their class helped me mature profoundly as a doula. I audited right after I attended doula training - it was a great reinforcement to training. The class gave me a great deal of knowledge on how to navigate the hospital system in order to get  as natural of a birth as the client wants.  Additionally, I learned how I can deliver the vast information we know as doulas ( on birth, hospital policy, etc.) to the client in a practical way. I loved the class, and looked forward to it every Wednesday. If you have the opportunity, take this class!

- Madeleine Belizaire (Yale University (midwifery student))

"Tanya is an inspiration and asset for any new doula entering the community with questions, concerns, and a thirst for learning. I audited her childbirth education classes soon after completing my training and enjoyed learning new material, meeting many lovely expecting couples, and gaining a mentor. My first private clients came from her class! Tanya is a colleague and friend to new doulas, with a heart big enough to welcome each one and encourage them through the waters of their own birth as birth workers."

- Ihotu Ali

"Only the most respect for dear colleague Tanya Wills, educator extraordinaire.  Tanya's classes are funny and lively and extremely educational.  She has all important research at the tip of her tongue, but brings home her points with first-hand accounts of working with families and professionals all over this city and beyond.  I have known Tanya for years and can't speak more highly about her dedication, smarts, and ability to accomplish anything.  I have audited Tanya's childbirth series and have seen first-hand how learning with her will set families up for the births they want, set doulas up with a confident start in this complex field of work, and I know that both families and professionals have a valuable, ongoing resource in this caring and talented businesswoman."

- Julia Mannes (juliamannes.com)

"Sitting in on Tanya's childbirth course was an invaluable learning experience for me as an aspiring birth professional. I was a bit nervous in approaching her and potentially interfering with the intimacy of the experience between her and the expectant parents but she made me feel wonderfully welcome as well as humored my questions and supported my interests and aspirations. I definitely recommend this experience for aspiring doulas, midwives and any other birth professionals." 

- Adey Teshome

"The basic DONA doula training is a good starting point but Tanya and Amy's classes really drove home a lot of the key skills a doula needs to do her job with confidence. Tanya's clinical midwifery knowledge, Amy's interest in spinning babies/positioning and hearing the concerns of parents-to-be first-hand has all been immensely informative to me."

- Clare Clifford-Turner