Private Classes

We offer private in-home classes for folks who prefer a more intimate setting, or for those who have tricky NYC schedules.  Our seasoned instructors tailor classes to your individual needs and are informed by your specific family situation (age of baby, size of family, etc.).

Infant/Child CPR/Safety Class - Be prepared to save a life!  Our instructors are certified by the American Heart Association and will teach you what to do if a baby (or toddler/child) stops breathing, or is breathing abnormally.  We include hands-on practice in the lessons. We will also learn basic safety tips and relief of choking for infants and toddlers/children.

  • 2-hour Infant/Child CPR/Safety class in your home for up to 3 people:  $400
  • Interested in hosting a group class in your home?  Please fill out the form below.

Lactation & Feeding Class - Everything you need to know to get started on a successful lactation & feeding journey.  Learn how to build your milk supply, make sure the baby is getting enough, latch the baby properly, and avoid sore nipples.  We will also learn about pumping and storing guidelines and give you tips and resources for support throughout the nursing relationship.

  • 3-hour breastfeeding class in your home:  $400

Newborn Care Class - Babies are not like us!  In this class, we learn about what babies can do, what they need our help with, and how to do it.  From the basics of changing a diaper and swaddling, to bathing, soothing, and understanding the newborn states of being and sleep, you will finish with an arsenal of understanding for when your newborn arrives.

  • 2-hour newborn care class in your home: $350

Express Lactation, Feeding & Newborn Care Class - For busy New Yorkers with tight schedules - this class is just the basics packed into a 3-hour class.  Learn how to get started with lactation & feeding, proper latching techniques, how to avoid sore nipples, and how to set up your milk supply.  Diapering, swaddling, and comfort techniques will also be practiced so you are ready when your baby arrives!

  • 3-hour Express Breastfeeding & Newborn Care Class in your home: $400

Interested in something else?  We are happy to customize a class that fits your needs.

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