Manhattan Birth Postpartum Doulas

Our postpartum doulas provide kind and comforting, down-to-earth, holistic care for your and your newborn in the weeks following your birth or adoption of a new baby.  Experts in the 4th trimester, infant feeding and breastfeeding, and the needs of the newly postpartum mother, these postpartum doulas will ease your transition and support you as you define yourself as a parent, or as your family expands. You can contact our doulas directly for pricing and availability.

Erin Brof is a birth and postpartum doula, a holistic childbirth educator and a Certified Lactation Counselor.  She came into this work after becoming a first-time mom and found the childbirth classes she took while pregnant to be very empowering and extremely helpful. While expecting her second daughter, Erin decided to move into the professional world of childbirth. She has worked with families of all different backgrounds throughout the city during the past few years. Her goal is to provide nurturing, non-judgmental support as well as the tools to enable them to participate and make informed decisions throughout postpartum period. Her postpartum support includes building confidence at home with breastfeeding, newborn care, and adjusting to the new arrival for first time parents or those bringing home a new sibling.  Erin resides in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn with her husband, two girls and their sweet pup.


Audrey Jessup is a birth and postpartum doula seeking to empower and celebrate women and families through this incredible period in their lives. She provides support from pregnancy through the newborn period and has numerous additional trainings in massage techniques/comforting touch, breastfeeding, Spinning Babies, newborn care, and more.  Her goal as a doula is to help parents navigate this challenging time while feeling respected, informed, confident, and joyful. 

In her postnatal work, she strives to build confidence in new parents or growing families with practical tips, tools and resources while smoothing difficult transitions, whether that is a new baby entering the home or a partner returning to work. She provides non-judgmental support and a helping hand based on the individual needs of each particular client.

Audrey is a native Upper West Sider who received her BA in American History from Barnard College at Columbia University.  She is currently living in Williamsburg with her best friend and many plants, and she is thrilled to serve the women of her home city. 


Jaye Maynard attended her first birth while in college for her BFA in Theater from the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City, Utah, as a 21 year-old, and fell under the birth-spell of life-affirming transformation that is the gift of the work of labor. Since then she has lived life in Los Angeles for over a decade before moving to NYC to obtain her MA at NYU, (in vocal performance) and working on both coasts and across the country as a customized personal assistant: improving and producing lives, and quality of life for many wherever she goes. Now based out of NYC for the most recent decade and a half, she calls Park Slope Brooklyn home with her domestic partner, her cat; Ethel, and his dog; Molly. Her own birth story started in the heartland of the upper Midwest, in the land of Wisco. 


Aara Kupris Menzi has an MA in Counseling and Guidance from NYU, is a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, and has received Postpartum Doula training from DONA and Tanya Wills, CNM. She works exclusively as a postpartum doula in Manhattan. She is the happy mother of 2 boys (one Caesarean birth and one VBAC homebirth). She loves to help coach families through the "4th trimester" and help them feel supported, calm and educated about infant care, feeding and whole family well being. She offers nonjudgmental, evidence based support and cheerleading. She enjoys working with all kinds of families, including adoption and same sex couples. 


Emilie Rodriguez is a DONA trained birth doula and a Birth Mama trained holistic postpartum doula which addresses mothers' nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. She believes every woman should have the birth she desires, the information needed to see it come to fruition, and be an advocate for herself and her family. She believes that giving birth is one of the most sacred, yet normal, experiences in a woman's life and wants to help women see their inner power.

Emilie's interests first started in medicine where she worked as a veterinary technician for years before becoming interested in the influences of culture on women's bodies. Emilie received her BA in Medical Anthropology from the City College of New York, focusing on reproductive health in the United States, particularly pertaining to birth. She did her first ethnography on doula work in Brooklyn, shadowing Chanel Porchia from Ancient Song Doula Services, and then another exploring birth experiences in the US and abroad. She was also a Colin Powell Fellow for Health Justice, advocating with Health Leads in Harlem Hospital's OB/GYN Unit to give low-income families access to resources they needed to stay healthy, as well as writing health policy to advance equality and civil rights at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest.  

She always knew she wanted to work with women and children, but did not know in what capacity. It wasn't until she experienced labor and childbirth herself that she realized how transformative and empowering it could be. 


Grace Veras Sealy is a birth and postpartum doula, and a certified lactation counselor. She offers labor and birth services for homebirths, birthing center, hospital births, and planned cesareans. Her aim as a birth doula is to support parents in labor and birth so that when they look back on the moment can remember that they felt strong, knowledgeable, respected and joyous. By providing postpartum services she offers continuity of care after the birth and early breastfeeding support. Her approach to postpartum doula care is hinged on helping to building the new parents' confidence while providing practical support to them and their new baby. Grace lives in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters.


Margot Simmons holds an MEd in early childhood development and education and then worked as an educator and then a marketer for a variety of companies in NYC. But, after her first child was born 5 weeks early, Margot realized that her true calling was to help other parents transition confidently into the crazy world of parenthood. Margot's deep passion is guiding new families through the often unplanned for aftermath of bringing a baby home. Whether a mom needs someone to hold her baby while she showers or sleeps, a dad needs someone to show him how to grocery shop with his brand new tank-of-a-stroller or the family simply needs someone to talk to about their experiences as new parents, Margot's goal is to help the family flourish. She is a trained postpartum doula is pursuing her certification in breastfeeding counseling and brings her own personal humor and joy for family to her work. Margot's own unique birth experiences (one premature vaginal delivery and one full-term footling breech c-section delivery) help her support with a wide variety of families. She provides truly nonjudgemental support and specializes in offering practical tips and tricks, coaching to ensure a happy, relaxed family unit, premature infant care, c-section care, transitioning to and from work, as well as the special experience of having two (or more) under two. 


Erica St. Lawrence is an experienced birth and postpartum doula, a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor and a pediatric R.N. who has spent the last 10 years caring for hundreds of NYC families both in the hospital and at home. Erica loves working with families at all stages, giving parents the knowledge, peace of mind and support to birth and nurture their babies with confidence. With her practical, non-judgemental, evidence-based and warm-hearted approach, Erica is passionate about helping you welcome your child into your life and easing your transition into parenthood.