Manhattan Birth Mentor Program

"It was by total fluke that I fell into Tanya's mentor program. I knew I needed direction and a helping hand. As soon as I met her and listened to her speak on birth and more specifically, birth in NYC, I couldn't stop smiling. What an honor it has been to be under her wing. I feel totally confident in my own work and in my own business because of her amazing knowledge and sensibility. Plus, she's awesome!"

-Angela Mirabella-Friedman, birth doula, Fall 2015 Mentor Cohort

Every 6 months, Manhattan Birth accepts a small cohort of doulas and birth professionals who are ready to LAUNCH their birth businesses - all they need is a little direction, some accountability, and support.  The Manhattan Birth Mentor Program provides just that, along with networking opportunities, advanced trainings, monthly masterminding groups, and everything you need to get your birth business GOING!

The Mentor Program is offered for birth professionals who are new to the birth community, or those who have been here awhile but area looking to shift or renew their focus.  Our current cohort consists of 9 women who are birth doulas and postpartum doulas, among other things.  They are truly rock stars and we are so proud to have them as part of our community.  We motivate and encourage each other for these 6 months, while creating a tight-knit, positive, uplifting sisterhood.

The Manhattan Birth Mentor program is described in detail in person at Your Thriving Birth Business NYC.  Attendance at this event is a prerequisite for the 6-month program and it is where registration is accepted.

"I cannot recommend the Manhattan Birth Mentor Program enough. If you don't already know, Tanya Wills is a total powerhouse.  Not only does she know birth, but she knows about having a thriving business. She is one of the most generous, supportive, smartest and funniest people I know. I am so lucky know her and to have been taken under her wing. Its hard to put into words hoe paramount she has been in my life and my career. She taught me everything, says nothing. She coached me to be able to separate from my son, challenged and supported me as I wrapped my head around achieving my goals and the kind business I wanted, made me to believe in myself as a doula and a entrepreneur, helpedme get my business off the ground, showed me how to streamline my systems, taught me think BIG and that I can achieve whatever my heart desires. I am forever grateful."

-Dawn Chorba, birth and postpartum doula, December 2015 Mentor Cohort