Jenna Bourgeois, Instructor (Childbirth, New Moms Support Groups, Infant/Toddler CPR)

  • Mother of one
  • Certified Holistic Doula
  • Certified Breastfeeding Counselor
  • Certified CPR Instructor (American Heart Association)

Jenna was a starving actor when she met a real-life midwife at a party in 2007, shocking her into the reality that midwifery still exists! What began as a curiosity has blossomed into a vocation and a deep passion for the miracle of birth and the simultaneous power and vulnerability of a pregnant and laboring person.  Jenna completed her initial doula training through DONA International with Debra Pascali-Bonaro in 2012 and then in 2013 went on to become a Certified Holistic Doula with Whapio Diane Bartlett through The Matrona.  This further training reaffirmed her belief in the human instinctual knowledge of how to birth and deepened her understanding of how best to accompany a laboring person without disturbing their process. An aspiring midwife, Jenna went to Bali in 2014 for an Introduction to Midwifery course through The Birth Institute where she lived and worked in a gentle birth clinic alongside local midwives.  She also had the remarkable privilege of meeting Robin Lim and witnessing the beautiful care that is given at Bumi Sehat.  In order to help her clients achieve their infant feeding goals, in 2015 she became a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor with Lea Rivera Todaro of Mami Mia.  Seeing first hand the impact of optimal fetal positioning on a smooth vaginal birth, Jenna also trained with Tammy Ryan of Spinning Babies to be able to better serve people in the process of giving birth.

Jenna lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with her husband and son and is so very grateful to be surrounded by a truly special community of fantastic friends and family.