Holistic Newborn Care

You and your baby in the fourth trimester

“I’ve read all of Ina May . . . maybe I should learn something about this baby!”

I uttered these words nearly eight years ago and hear them all the time from my students.  Now, Manhattan Birth is offering classes for parents who are prepared for childbirth and are waiting to welcome their babies.

This three-hour class covers everything you need to know for the first 4 months of life with your baby.


Upcoming Dates in 2016:

  • April 4
  • June 6
  • July 25
  • September 29
  • November 28

Time:  6:15-9:00 p.m.

Location: Upper West Side, Manhattan

Teacher:  Amy Goldstein

Cost:  $125/Couple or $95/single

To Register:  Click HERE

The Holistic Newborn Care Class will include:

  • The newborn’s abilities and states of being

  • Baby care: spitting up, cradle cap, baby acne

  • Sleep

  • Reading your baby’s cues - crying, gas, fussiness, and colic

  • Infant soothing – the 4th trimester and the 5 s’s

  • Basic Diapering

  • Bathing your baby – how and when

  • Post birth recovery

  • Relationships (partner, family, friends)

  • Managing your support team: What is a postpartum doula? What is a baby nurse?

  • List of resources provided

If you are a birth professional interested in auditing this class, click HERE.