Lactation & Feeding Class - For Expectant Parents

The teachers at Manhattan Birth are all credentialed lactation specialists with years of experience helping people get started on the right foot!  Lactation and nursing rates for folks who have taken our classes are about 100%.  We can't wait to give you just the plan you need for success.


Upcoming Dates in 2017:

  • October 15 2:15-5:00
  • November 12 6:15-9:00
  • December 17 2:15-5:00

$95 per couple; $65/single; $75/couple with the Childbirth Weekend Intensive Class. (This class is included in the Comprehensive Childbirth Preparation Class at no additional cost.)

Everything you need to know to get started breastfeeding/chestfeeding with a holistic approach.  Whether you are planning a hospital birth or a home birth, you will be prepared with enough knowledge to have a successful nursing relationship.  Topics include:

  • The “golden hour” – skin to skin
  • First latch
  • Early days of feeding
  • Supplies
  • Correct latch technique
  • How to avoid nipple pain
  • How to tell if the baby is getting enough
  • Feeding cues
  • Nighttime feeding
  • Going back to work
  • When to call a specialist