Big Announcement!

Manhattan Birth Midwifery

(Before I say anything else, let me say, Manhattan Birth will still be providing classes and support groups as always.)

I'm so excited to announce here today, that my very own midwifery practice, called Manhattan Birth Midwifery, is open for business! The website isn't done yet, but I am set up enough to make this announcement and begin accepting clients! Here are the services I'll be providing at Manhattan Birth Midwifery:

  • Home birth midwifery based on the midwifery model of care and shared-decision-making.
  • Yes, I do take late transfers when there is a good client match.
  • Pregnancy/home birth care includes:
    • comprehensive prenatal care
    • lab testing
    • ultrasounds
    • healthcare during your pregnancy
    • prescriptions where applicable
    • home birth including waterbirth with my team
    • newborn exams including newborn screening 24-hours after birth
    • birth certificate and social security card filing
    • breastfeeding supervision (I am an IBCLC - lactation consultant)
    • postpartum CARE and follow-up
  • Well-woman care and primary care
    • annual exams
    • pap smears
    • routine blood work
    • STI testing and treatment
    • treatment of vaginal infections/UTIs
    • prescriptions where applicable
    • Contraceptive counseling
    • discussion of your options
    • prescriptions where applicable
    • diaphragm fittings
    • IUD insertion
  • Lactation consultations (IBCLC Visits)
    • complete breastfeeding assessment
    • assistance with latch/positioning and treatment of sore/cracked nipples
    • pre- and post-feeding weights
    • suck assessment
    • assessment of your milk supply and improving it when needed
    • assessment of baby's milk transfer and tools to improve it when needed
    • treatment of breast infections including mastitis and thrush
    • prescriptions when applicable
    • Written plan identifying your issues and how we will work to resolve them
    • Follow-up by phone, email, and text

While I do not participate in-network with any insurance plan, home births are usually paid for mostly by insurance with in-network exceptions or out-of-network benefits. If you are interested in a home birth, let's talk about how to make that possible (especially if you know me!).

For well-woman/primary care and lactation consultations, I can provide receipts with medical proper coding for you to submit to your insurance.

You can contact our midwifery office at (212)-763-6629.

I can't wait to hear from you!

With all I've got!