Why I run.

And why Manhattan Birth sponsors Miles 4 Midwives.

I run for the gift of midwifery care I received so I could birth my babies with confidence and trust, even when I was sure it would be impossible.

I run for respectful shared-decision-making for all people throughout the life-span.

I run for my own midwife, Marcy Tardio.

I run for all those who championed me through nursing and midwifery school and continue to do so today - Marcy Tardio, Lonnie Morris, Julie Bouchet-Horwitz, Rachel Siegel, Jane Contarino, Charles Haddad, Kimm Sun, Tania Zirulnik, Cecilia Jevitt, Gina Novick, Alison Shorten, Pamela Lee, Kirsten Kowalski-Lane, Katherine Parker Bryden, Elanna Posner. There are so many more. You can google these folks. They are amazing.

I run for my students and will continue to throw the life raft to them way upstream - in pregnancy - wherever they choose to receive their care. And we will continue to offer that raft until they are ready to be on their own and have built their own communities.

I run for my own family and all the families who sacrifice birthdays, first steps, holidays, mornings, school pick-ups, show tickets, and everything I have missed attending births and attending to this calling.

I run for every person, who at 7-8cm has said, "Tanya, I can't" and I have said, "Yes, you can. Yes, you can."

Join me and take a stand for excellent, individualized, respectful healthcare in the childbearing year and throughout the lifespan.

The team at Manhattan Birth and I will be in Prospect Park this Saturday, October 4 at 8:30 a.m. at Miles 4 Midwives, to support Choices in Childbirth and NYC Midwives and to promote the midwifery model of care.

You can find more information about Miles 4 Midwives or sign up to run or make a donation HERE.

Come see us at our table and bring your babies! If you are a birth professional, please introduce yourself! We want to see you!

With all I've got!