It's what we build here at Manhattan Birth.

We had our Big Bradley Reunion in the park this weekend. What a day!  Jenna, Sarah, Amy, and I held a million sweaty babies, and hugged some lovely melting parents.  I could see how birthing and raising these babies changes us. We're open and ready for anything.

Someone asked me if I felt a sense of accomplishment when I saw everyone together on the hill that day.  And the answer is yes. What we accomplish is community for young families who are usually far from the families they grew up with, forging ahead, barely identifying themselves as the parents they have become. Some folks will move back home for community. Some will stay and make it here. And some who have formed friendships will keep it going, bonding deeply over the years, birthing siblings together, going on vacation together, and moving through this glorious life together. Josh and I have done it with our friends, AJ and Greg, from our own Bradley class.  I had no idea how close we would become after 8 1/2 years, and that our babies who took their first steps days apart would become big kids together, get into mischief, share beds on vacation, lose teeth, and expand our family to double, as our faces change - 8 1/2 years is a lot when you get to 40.

Sarah and I taught a Class 1 tonight and I said it when telling my story about Milo's birth, but it's true here of all that has come since he was born.  This work, all of you, community, my family, helping others, bringing people together and watching these children grow - buckets and buckets of blessings.  Regularly.

With all I've got!