Horror Stories

Horror stories . . .

In Class 1 of the Comprehensive Childbirth Class, we tackle them. Nearly every pregnant person who comes to my classes has heard countless numbers of them. Sometimes their partners have, too.

"Oh my gosh you're pregnant! Let me tell you what happened to me . . ."

"My cousin said it felt like she was dying."
"My best friend said she ripped when she had the baby."
"My sister said she felt like every single bone in her body was breaking."
"My niece . . . the cord was around her neck and thank God they got her out."
"The heartbeat was going down and so . . . "
"She said it felt like knives in her back."
"My friend was up all night and they were afraid she would be too exhausted to push her baby out."
"My friend broke her tailbone."
"My husband was 11 lbs when he was born."

It goes on and on.

Pregnant folks will notice . . .everyone wants to talk with you and give you advice about your pregnancy and birth. You go to all these doctor or midwife appointments every month, then every two weeks, then every week at the very end. So much care for a healthy pregnancy.

But you may notice while pregnant, it's likely your life is not all that different from the way it was before you became pregnant. You probably have the same job, same friends, same shows, same hangouts. Everything.

The day you have your baby is a big day. BIG day. It's not like any of the days that came before it. You don't go to work that day. Instead, the life force moves through you. And you give life.

It's indescribably enormous. I won't attempt to do it here.

And then - there is no care. See you in six weeks.

What better way for me to process what happened to me that day than to share with you? To warn you. So you'll know what to expect. Because I didn't. And I'm still trying to figure out what happened to me. . .

With all I've got!