One more question.

One more question . . .

I had a pregnancy mentoring session this week. A newly pregnant couple came to my office to learn about their options for giving birth in and around NYC.

What is the difference between a doula, a midwife, and a doctor?

Where is the best hospital?

What is a birthing center and why would someone want to use one?

Where is the safest place to have a baby?

I'm 35 years old. Am I putting my baby at risk?

Why won't my doctor see me until 8 weeks?

What do I do until then?

I sat down with them for an hour and answered their questions. I explained the options in NYC. They felt pretty sure the hospital was the right place for them.

Then I asked one more question. . .

"Would you like your life partner, who sitting here in this room with you for this session, to be with you after your baby is born while you stay in the hospital with your new baby?"

She laughed. "Of course." There was a pause . . . another awkward laugh and a confused look. "Are there places where he can't stay?"

Practically everywhere.

She left with a very short list of hospitals she was willing to consider. Her priorities were in order.

She has a car and isn't afraid to use it.

Life raft thrown. Way, way upstream.

With all I've got!