Babywearing and Diapering

Slings?  Structured carriers?  Those wrap thingies?!  How do I do this?

What's the difference between different kinds of disposable, cloth, and hybrid diapers? 

What about elimination communication?

This class provides an opportunity to learn about and try out the many diapering options on the market including cloth and disposable as well as Elimination Communication. Parents will also learn the basic safety rules for babywearing and each of the major styles of carriers and slings will be available for parents to try.

Babies are always welcome in Babywearing and Diapering class!

Date:  September 15, 2014

Time:  7:00-9:00 p.m.

Location: Upper West Side, Manhattan

Teacher:  Amy Goldstein

Cost:  $95/Couple; $65/Single

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